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Apple Product Identification By Serial Number

apple product identification by serial number


Apple Product Identification By Serial Number



















































8ea806a005, and the author thereof, shall not be held responsible or liable, under any circumstances, for any damages resulting from the use or inability to use the information within. Mac Pro post-2013 (Cylinder computer): Found on the bottom surface of the computer. On the toolbar, in the top left-hand corner of every Mac and in any application, you will find a small black Apple logo. Company number 4331031. Here's a list of Macs with the locations of their identifier stickers: iMac: Found on the base of the computer. Choose Upgrades by Model Identifier Choose Upgrades by Model Identifier Find your Mac by its Model Identifier Select the alphabetic part of the Model Identifier -> --Choose Model--iMacMacBookMacBookAirMacBookProMacminiMacProPowerBookPowerMacSelect the full Model Identifier -> Select your exact Mac -> Your Mac's Model Identifier can be found in System Profiler. Comments How do I identify which Mac model I have? Whatsoftwareversion is it running? What’s the serial number? Identifying the model, version, year and serial number of your Mac is simple,but with our busier lives, sometimes evensimple tasks canbe a pain. Once clicked it will pop out another window where you'll be able to see detailed information about the hardware, network and software components within your Mac. Mac Mini (Mid 2010 and later): Found on the bottom surface of the computer. Models Parts Repair Guides iBook G3 Clamshell The iBook Clamshell is most easily identified by its different colors and clamshell design. Although it still is easier generally to identify a specific iPod, iPhone, or iPad than it is to identify a Mac, many devices look quite similar to one another and some recent models, in particular, can be a challenge to differentiate visually.


If the system is not able to detect your model, please submit any information you have on it, and we'll add it to our database. For MacBook Pros that are dated pre-2008, including the original MacBook Pro, the location of the numbers will be found within the laptop.'s Ultimate iLookup feature allows one to quickly display all iPod, iPhone and iPad models that match a particular Order Number, Model Number, EMC Number, Model Identifier or Serial Number. Models Parts Repair Guides Mac Pro The Mac Pro is the high end professional end desktop machine which currently supports up to 8 cores. Once the system detects what type of Apple device you have, it will add it to your device list below and give detailed specs as well as links to order specific parts for your particular device. We are open weekdays, except Dec 23rd - 27th, and Jan 2nd. Find useful? Please Bookmark & Share. Mac Mini (Original-Late 2009): Found on the bottom housing of the computer. You also may find complete lists of iPod, iPhone and iPad models By Identifier useful:.

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